Hyalo Technologies is a biopharmaceutical company that has established the next generation of drug and active ingredient delivery via nanotechnology.

Hyalo Technologies strives to leverage technology and research to enhance efficacy and therapeutic effect dramatically. Through the innovative biodegradable delivery system, the Hyalo NanoSphere, Hyalo Technologies has been able to increase user compliance.

The company is in advanced research stages and has been granted several patents on new technologies based on biodegradable nanotechnology systems.

Upon attaining significant dermatological results, Hyalo Technologies has expanded to include an Active Cosmetics Division — HyLueur. HyLueur designs and develops innovative, reparative cosmetics of the highest caliber, quality, and safety.

The initial product launch from HyLueur features HyLueur Rosé primer (AI12), OBubbly face wash (AI16) and Matcha Shot eye serum (AI20)—all employing the HyLueur NanoSphere technology. Numerous new products are under research and development in HyLueur’s R&D labs in Somerset, New Jersey, USA.
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