Join our Hyalo AI Beauty Ambassador Team

Candidates have the opportunity to apply to be a Hyalo AI Beauty Ambassador. After the candidate is chosen by our elected Hyalo AI Beauty Ambassador Scouts they will receive a starter-kit of all the products, included valuable resources, information and application videos, written education materials, and a financial compensation package.

Hyalo AI Beauty Ambassador

The Hyalo AI Beauty Ambassador can earn 30% on everything they sell at full-retail price. And if the Beauty Ambassador builds a team, they can earn product rewards and cash bonuses when sales goals are achieved, plus the Founding Member of the Hyalo AI Beauty Ambassador Program has an opportunity to earn 10% commission on the team members’ product sells.
Additionally, incentives include:

1) Attend the Hyalo AI Beauty Ambassador annual sales meeting retreat 
2) Uber credit
3) Earn Skyhours to use for leisure air travel.
4) All expense paid vacation

Becoming a Hyalo AI Beauty Ambassador

1) The application requires the applicant to submit a 300-word biographical statement and affirm his/her eligibility, or desire, to be a Hyalo AI Beauty Ambassador.

2) The Hyalo AI Beauty Ambassador Scouts will review all the preliminary applications and narrow the group candidate selection down to 100, each of whom are invited to submit a formal application. Each is asked to provide specific information, including:

  • Financial goals
  • How being Hyalo AI Beauty Ambassador would enable them to achieve some greater life goal
  • Professional and personal references

3) The final selection will be made by the Hyalo AI Beauty Ambassador Scouts, nominating 50 Founding Members.

Apply Today to be a Hyalo AI Beauty Ambassador

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